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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


  • Due to the lack of students completing homework over the past few week (26 zeros from 5-1 -5-5 Homework and Remembering) this will be the last homework blog for awhile. 
  • You will now be responsible for writing in your planner, the homework that is due each day (as you always have...) 
  • The homework will still be posted on my whiteboard. You will HAVE to write it in your planner. This really isn't a big should have been doing this the entire year. 
  • But, due to the number of 5th grade math students who are doing 1-2 problems (total!) on homework, or simply none at all... I will be discontinuing the 5th grade blog until further notice. 
  • Use your planner!
  • Tonight's homework: HW/Rem 5-6